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Salon Convenience at Home!!!

You don't have to live with razor burns and ingrown hairs anymore.

Styliio IPL is here!

      Styliio IPL is a 2 in1 handset.

For Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation.

  •  It's The Future of Painless Hair Removal because it uses pulsed lightwave technology for truly painless, long-lasting hair removal. It is certified for home use device, safe to be used on the face, body, underarms, and even bikini lines.  Both men and women can use it and enjoy the silky side of their skin!

  • A painless and long-lasting approach to hair removal
  • Rejuvenate your skin and treat pigmentation using the same device
  • 15 mins are enough even for larger areas like the legs

It comes with Free eye protection goggles in the box. Your safety comes first!


The secret is the unique pulsed lightwave technology that permanently removes hair from any area of your body with ease. Whether you want to address a problem area, reduce your time spent shaving, or just treat yourself to a home pampering session, the choice is yours.

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    Boost your skin's metabolism
    Skin Rejuvenation

    Styliio's light wavelength goes beneath the surface of the skin to energize collagen. This treatment is called photorejuvenation

    Quality you can trust

    *Fully certified for safe use CE, EMS, RoHS, CQC, PSE

    * 500,000+ flashes lifespan, that equals more than 10 years, if treated carefully

    * LCD screen to display the mode & level of intensity

    * Built using an ultra-durable Xenon quartz tube for safe operation

    * Made with durable safety glass

    * Seamless & ergonomic  design 

    it makes the difference
    Do it at home. Do it your way

    *2 function modes: Hair removal and skin rejuvenation

    *8-level energy setting matching a wide range of skin tones

    *Automatic & Manual Flash to choose between smaller and larger treated areas

    *HD LCD display screen

    *3.5 cm wide treatment window

    What does Styliio IPL do?

    The Styliio IPL Handset uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which is a modern type of laser hair removal used for long-term, pain-free hair removal. When our Handset is used on your hair, it absorbs the IPL which then heats and stimulates the hair root, triggering it to go into resting phase. Hair then falls out naturally and regrowth is slowed, and then totally prevented after a few uses.

    IPL = Intense Pulsed Light.

    It is a continuous, multi-wavelength, incoherent light with a wavelength range of 500 to 1200 nm. It has the effect of occluding blood vessels, removing hair and remove wrinkles.

    The light can penetrate the epidermis, can reach the dermis and be absorbed by follicles. The heat generated by the light will make the hair drop off. After the irradiation of IPL, the follicles will hibernate and the hair will stop growing causing the permanent hair removal.

    Some hair and skin types are a little more tricky to treat. Darker hair follicles are the easiest to treat, because the laser targets the hair’s pigment, while grey, blonde and red pigments can be tricky, as can darker skin tones. We do not recommend to use Styliio IPL on these skin tones. The device has 8 strength level adjustments and comes with clear instructions on which setting to pick for each skin and hair type.

    Check the image guide above for a quick guidance to decide if  Styliio IPL is right for you.

    The device works best when the contrast between your darker hair and lighter skin is greatest, so before you start it is safer to be free of a tan, natural or fake. Also, it is recommended that you avoid direct sun exposure for 48 hours before or after your treatment.

    The area to be treated should be clean shaven and free of sunburn.

    Always use protective eye googles. Your safety is a priority to us. You will find a pair included in package for free! Just use it

    When you find the right intensity level for you from the chart it is also advisable to test the intensity level on a part of your body before applying to bigger areas.

    If you feel uncomfortable lower the level.

    Absolutely! There have been a number of studies around the world which prove the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal. Due to this fact, it has become an extremely popular safe and effective method of hair removal. Though, certain skin conditions, health irregularities, and medications can impact whether it is safe for a person to receive a light-based hair removal treatment.

    One of the many advantages of Styliio IPL over other types of laser is that it is pain-free. Most customers explain the feeling as a warm sensation on the skin. It always depends on the type of the skin, the tolerance of the body and if there are any other conditions, it may get slight uncomfortable. It should never be painful.

    Although IPL treatments will permanently reduce the total number of body hairs, they will not result in a permanent removal of all hair. 

    In order to achieve the best possible results

    Consistency is key. Because your hair follicles are on their own individual growth cycles, you have to keep you sessions with Styliio IPL consistent in order to maximize the potential of targeting the most follicles. Be patient, expect obvious results after 3 months.

    At any one time, not all hair follicles are ‘active’, and only active hair follicles can be affected by the treatment. ‘Inactive’ hair follicles can be treated as they become ‘active’ over time.

    Depending on the body part, we recommend using the Styliio IPL device once every 4 to 6 weeks in order to catch the new hair that is starting to return in its growth cycle. For legs, it is once every 8 to 12 weeks as the hair growth rate on this body part is much slower.

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